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Former speed racer is one of the
sharpest mechanics in town

Zaven Darakjian
Zaven Darakjian
Mechanic extraordinaire,
proprietor of Pit Stop Garage on Peel.
This husky and articulate grease monkey has been working on cars for close to 35 years now, 30 of them at the same location on Peel. A former race car driver, Zaven is one of the sharpest mechanics in town , capable of diagnosing a spongy master cylinder or seized Johnson rod in a fraction of the time it might take a mere mortal. A gentleman's mechanic, he has never been heard uttering profanity and prides himself on the personal relationships he has with his customers.

On why people mistrust mechanics:
"A car is an extension of a person, and people are very particular about trusting others with such an important thing. In any trade you have individuals who will try to take advantage of people. Because mechanics are generally uneducated and unprepared they are easy prey. A lawyer has the tools to talk himself out of the deepest grave, but most mechanics lack this ability. Some mechanics are in it only for the money, and others do it just because they love cars."

Why he chose to become a mechanic:
Because he loves cars.

On why there are so many inept mechanics doing business:
"The industry wants to keep wages down and the end result is you tend to wind up with a lot of crooks who don't know anything about fixing cars. It takes about 10 years to become a good mechanic."

Best part of the job:
When a client acknowledges his good work.
Worst: Always having dirty hands. Zaven washes his hands throughout the day but still must scrub for at least half an hour every night after work before they are even remotely clean.

1931 MG D-type Tourer1931 MG D-Type Tourer
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Since 1971, this independent downtown Montreal garage has specialized in European sports car service and repairs. Located in Griffintown, and adjacent to the centre-ville business district, Pit Stop Garage owner Zaven Darakjian caters to a knowledgeable and enthusiastic clientele, keeping their treasured automobiles rolling in safety.

Personalized service, whether it is for a tune-up, rebuilding an engine or transmission, changing those winter tires, or a complete, professional vehicle restoration, is based on a comprehensive understanding of a clients' needs. The Pit Stop experience, recommended by locals and tourists alike, delivers the desired result -- a happy driver with a healthy running car.